My Love of mine

You make me wish I could rewind time.

So, I could have you in every moment, every memory.

You have no idea back then how much someone like you would’ve meant to me.

You inspire my words, my art and all that I do.

I prayed for that day you uttered the words you loved me too.

You see little G always wanted a prince,

Many phonies came and went.

She stopped believing the prince would one day arise.

The day you eventually came and changed the entirety of my life.

You reinvented my belief angels.

You save me every single day with no personal angle.

Your smile is permanently imprinted on my brain.

There isn’t a thing in this world I wouldn’t do to see it maintained.

My Love of mine

You make me wish I could fast forward time.

To that day we say I do.

To the day we make little I’s and you’s.

Or that moment we look into each other’s eyes to finally say that last goodbye.

Maybe then we slow down the time.

So we can look back at our beautiful life.

The life of many laughs and some hard times.

The life of magic between you and I

How lucky am I to have a love of mine that transcends any and all of my timelines.

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