Amidst the holy Pran Pratishtha ceremony at Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir on Monday, January 22, actress Shilpa Shetty joyfully participated in the festive celebrations. Donning traditional attire, the actress was spotted waving a flag adorned with the image of Lord Ram at the Siddhivinayak templ in Mumbai.
Donning a vibrant orange saree paired with a blouse, Shilpa radiated joy with a glowing smile during the festivities.The actress, with her hair elegantly tied in a bun, complemented her look with statement jewelry and defined eye makeup.

Earlier today, Shilpa shared a glimpse of the Ram Lalla being installed at the mandir. Taking to her X handle, she wrote, “Shri Ram Rameti Rameti Rame Rame Manorame. Sahastranaam Tattulyam Ramnaam Varanne. Meaning: Lord Shiva says to Parvati, ‘O Sumukhi! The name Ram is similar to the 1008 names of Lord Vishnu. That’s why I always keep reciting the name Ram. By chanting the name of Ram, all the sins of the universe remain freed.’ I am making a sincere request to all the countrymen: all of you should welcome Ramlala Ji with your body and mind.”

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