Sonam Kapoor has always been known as a fashion icon and has just continued to remained so, over the last few years. Infact, she didn’t miss a single beat even after her pregnancy and becoming a mother. Three months into motherhood and Sonam was back to looking like a million bucks and making the best red carpet appearances as she attended the Red Sea Film Festival.Sonam and Anand Ahuja became parents to a baby boy in August 2022 and they named him Vayu Kapoor Ahuja.
As her post partum journey still continues, Sonam has dropped some gorgeous photos in a white lehenga choli with gold border. She looks ethereal to say the least and penned a heartfelt note along with these photos. Sonam revealed that she’s finally beginning to feel like herself again. She said, “It’s taken me 16 months to feel like myself again. Slowly steadily without any crash diets and crazy workouts just consistent self care and baby care. I’m not there yet but almost where I want to be.. still very very grateful for my body and how incredible it has been . Being a woman is a wondrous thing. #babymomma #proudwoman #everydayphenomenal #vayusparents”

Earlier, as Sonam bid goodbye to 2023, she had penned a long note and revealed that the year was quite challenging for her, as her husband also kept falling sick and the doctors couldn’t diognose the exact problem at first. Anand is now doing fine. She expressed, “The last year has been a roller coaster. Coming to accept the fact that we are parents and all the joys and fears that came with it. Understanding that I had changed drastically emotionally, physically and spiritually and that comes with pain, acceptance and eventually exhilaration. Then dealing with my Husband falling very sick which no doctor could diagnose and eventually finding out what it was and him recovering completely( it was three months of hell and thank you God and Dr Sarin)”
She also revealed that they’ve changed four homes. “Moving talent agencies and moving out and into new homes 4 times! Starting work again while supporting my husband in his work and his exponential growth at work , while trying to spend time with my precious family and incredible friends has been the most tough, amazing, full filling and enriching year. I hope this year too comes with all the lessons and growth that come with ups and downs,” said the actress.
Sonam was last seen in ‘Blind‘ which released on OTT. She’s ready to get back to work now.

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