In a captivating revelation on the latest episode of ‘You Quiz on the Block’, renowned actress Gong Hyo Jin opened up about the intricacies of her relationship with husband Kevin Oh, shedding light on their wedding, married life, and the endearing details that make their journey unique.
Gong Hyo Jin, who tied the knot with Kevin Oh in an intimate ceremony in New York in October 2022, candidly shared anecdotes from her wedding day. Despite forgetting her prepared notes, the actress spoke from the heart during the vows, confessing that she can’t recall the specifics of her heartfelt words, admitting with a laugh, “I don’t really remember”, according to Soompi.
Reflecting on the first year of their marriage, Gong Hyo Jin disclosed a charming detail about their bedtime routine, stating, “It has already been one year since our wedding. When I tell people that we turn the lights out together to head to bed at the same time, [my friends] all tell me that’s because we’re newlyweds”. Expressing her affection, she added, “I want to spend even just one more day with him”. As the conversation delved into anniversary celebrations, Gong Hyo Jin revealed her unique request to Kevin Oh, saying, “I asked my husband to make me music every year. We could gather that together and make an album. There would be no need for him to sing well, and it could be just instrumentals”. She explained that the plan hit a snag during their first anniversary because of their overwhelming happiness as newlyweds, preventing Kevin Oh from channeling the necessary sentiment for composing an emotional song.
The actress also shared endearing details about her husband, confessing that she saved his name in her phone as ‘Angel’, a nickname that even drew teasing from her in-laws. Defending the sweet moniker, Gong Hyo Jin exclaimed, “I really saw wings”.
Recounting the serendipity of their meeting, Gong Hyo Jin revealed that she attended Kevin Oh’s concert, and their connection deepened when they attended another concert together with friends. Playfully sharing that, “I got his bank account number before his phone number”, Gong Hyo Jin narrated how they eventually met for dinner at a Thai restaurant during her visit to the United States, initiating a gradual exchange of messages.
In a brief reflection on her illustrious career, Gong Hyo Jin showcased her impressive track record, with all 13 dramas she starred in achieving double-digit ratings and eight surpassing the 20 percent mark. Upon Yoo Jae Suk’s mention of an intriguing incident, where he shared, “We heard that you asked Kang Ha Neul, ‘Are you ready for your life to change?’ before filming ‘When the Camellia Blooms'”, Gong Hyo Jin playfully quipped, “I said that to Jo Jung Suk too”, showcasing her seasoned status in the industry with a touch of wit and leaving the audience with a sense of admiration for both her professional achievements and her heartwarming personal journey.

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