Tara Sutaria was in a relationship with Aadar Jain for a long time. However, the couple broke up for reasons best known to them. However, neither of them spoke about it until now.
In an interview with News18, Tara was recently asked about her relationship status. Replying to the same, she told the news portal that she is not in a relationship currently which meant that she is single and has broken up with Aadar.

In the same interview, when questioned about her parents’ reaction to the dating rumors, Tara responded by highlighting her parents’ laid-back and understanding nature.

With a hint of humor, she playfully disclosed that she had been linked to multiple individuals in the same week, showcasing her family’s relaxed approach to such speculations.

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Elaborating further, Tara expressed that she actually finds them quite thrilling. Her initial reaction to these rumors was something like, “Wow, this is pretty interesting!” She humorously wished that she could be as interesting as the rumors made her seem in real life, even joking that she was supposedly dating all these people. However, she made it clear that none of these rumors were accurate. She shared a funny memory of a week when she was linked to three different people in a row, highlighting how far-fetched and untrue these rumors can be.

Recently, her closeness with actor Kartik Aaryan has sparked new relationship rumours. They were snapped exiting a party together. They were captured giving each other a tight hug and bidding each other goodbye. The actor also dropped Tara in her car.

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