The highly anticipated action film ‘Fighter,’ starring Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone, made headlines early this week after it faced a ban in Gulf countries.
Reports stated that the action film was facing a ban in several Gulf nations, except for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Now, according to the latest reports, trade analysts are now claiming that the film is facing a ‘suspension’ in the UAE, with booking options removed from major theatre chains.
The confirmation of this suspension was recently provided by the film’s UAE distributor, leaving fans in shock. While the reason for the ban is still unknown, reports claim that ‘some objectionable content in the film’ prompted the decision.

Prior to the ban, it was reported that ‘Fighter’ would be released in the UAE with a PG 15 classification.

Considering that the Gulf region stands as one of the major overseas markets for Bollywood movies, the ban is expected to have a significant impact on the film’s overall collections at the worldwide box office.
Siddharth Anand‘s previous blockbuster ‘Pathaan’ grossed over $12.6 million in the Gulf market and also became the highest-grossing Indian film in UAE.

Meanwhile, Hrithik’s previous blockbuster, ‘War,’ had amassed nearly $5 million in the Gulf, underlining the importance of the region for the Indian film industry.
With the film’s release compromised in the Gulf, industry experts are now emphasizing the need for ‘Fighter’ to deliver an extraordinary performance at the domestic box office to offset its substantial budget.

Hrithik Roshan starrer ‘Fighter’ gets banned in gulf countries except UAE; earns over ₹3.6 cr already from advance booking

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