Renowned filmmaker Shekhar Kapur‘s daughter, Kaveri Kapur, is set to make her acting debut with ‘Masoom 2‘. The news has created excitement among fans and industry insiders, marking Kaveri’s transition from a successful singer and songwriter to the realm of acting. She has already gained recognition for her musical talents, showcasing a multifaceted artistic journey.
Now, Kaveri’s mother, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi exclusively confirmed Etimes about her daughter making her acting debut with ‘Masoom 2’.”Yes it is true that she is doing the film,” she said.
It may be noted here that just recently Shekhar Kapur in one of his social media posts had hinted about his daughter Kaveri. The director shared, “And now as I sit and write ‘Masoom – the next generation’ .. I struggle with her role .. her part .. how do I create something deep enough for her as an actor .. so she doesn’t say to me.. ‘Daddy! That’s just so silly.’ The original ‘Masoom’, directed by Shekhar Kapur and released in 1983, is considered a classic in Indian cinema.
Kaveri’s insightful perspective, expressed previously in Kapur’s post, resonates, “‘Why does your generation believe we don’t have the emotional and intellectual depth that you have? We’re much wiser than you were at our age.’ I can believe that…”
Shekhar is best known for his films like ‘Masoom’, ‘Mr India’, ‘Bandit Queen’, ‘Elizabeth’, and ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’.
‘Masoom 2’ is a sequel to his 1983 cult classic ‘Masoom’, which featured Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi in lead roles along with Tanuja, Supriya Pathak, and Saeed Jaffrey.

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