Almost 17 years have passed since Aishwarya Rai tied the knot with Abhishek Bachchan in a private ceremony in Mumbai in 2007. While Salman Khan and Aishwarya have not crossed paths since her wedding, Salman maintains a cordial relationship with Abhishek and often greets him at events. Reflecting on their interactions, Salman’s rare comment about Aishwarya’s marriage in a 2010 interview has recently resurfaced.
During an appearance on India TV’s Aapki Adalat, Salman Khan was candidly asked about the rumors linking him with Aishwarya Rai. In response, Salman expressed his happiness about Aishwarya marrying Abhishek, stating, “So many years have gone by. She’s somebody’s wife, and I am very happy that she is married to Abhishek. I think Abhishek is a great guy and (she) married to a great family, and they are very happy together. This is the best thing that any ex-boyfriend would want.” The snippet from the interview has gained traction online, resurfacing and going viral in recent days.

Did you know Shah Rukh Khan once credited Salman Khan for his stardom?

Meanwhile, Salman Khan, who has chosen to remain unmarried, expressed his desire to have a child last year. He mentioned attempting to have a baby through a surrogate, but changes in surrogacy rules have posed challenges in fulfilling his wish.

On the professional front, Salman Khan was last seen in “Tiger 3” and is set to host the finale episode of Bigg Boss 17 this weekend. Additionally, he has several upcoming projects in the pipeline, including “The Bull” with Karan Johar.

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