Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik surprised many by sharing his wedding pictures with Pakistani actress Sana Javed. Shoaib, who was previously married to tennis star Sania Mirza, had faced rumours of a strained marriage for some time. However, the release of affectionate pictures with Sana has now confirmed these speculations. Amidst discussions about his divorce from Sania, an old video featuring the former couple with Shah Rukh Khan has gone viral.
The fan page’s Instagram post has garnered attention due to its nostalgic content, showcasing a time when Shah Rukh Khan, Sania Mirza, and Shoaib Malik shared a jovial moment together on what appears to be a television show. “Usme kya dikha aisa ki aapne jaldi se shaadi kar li. Khoobsurat hai, cricket bhi theek thaak khel leta hai, sabkuch badhiya hai, but what is the personal thing?” To this, the Indian sports star replied, “Maie to bahut kuch dekha hai inme… bahut shy hai. Ye aapko sikhana padega inko thoda baat karna.”
SRK joked, “Wo to main kar lunga, adjust kar lunga main isko, don’t worry!” He then turned to Shoaib and asked him, “Aur tumhe Sania ke baare me kya acha laga jo tumhe mohabbat ho gayi, pyaar ho gaya?” The Pakistani player replied, “Sochne ka time nahi mila, use pehle shaadi ho gayi.”
In a podcast on Samaa TV, Pakistani journalist Naeem Hanif shared intriguing insights about the 3-year relationship between Shoaib Malik and Sana Javed. According to Hanif, the couple initially met on a television reality show, quickly establishing a strong connection. Notably, whenever Shoaib participated in TV appearances, he always insisted on inviting Sana as well. The surprising aspect is that, despite being happily married, their feelings for each other continued to grow.

What! Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik and actress Sana Javed were in a relationship for three years?

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