As the highly anticipated film ‘Fighter,’ directed by Siddharth Anand, gears up for a nationwide release packed with adrenaline-pumping action and patriotic fervour, the team behind the movie has planned an exclusive special screening for Indian Air Force (IAF) officers in Delhi. The screening aims to pay tribute to the relentless courage and dedication of our brave IAF officers, depicted vividly in the film.
Lead actors Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone, along with director Siddharth Anand, are set to jet off to Delhi for the special screening. The event will take place in Chanakyapuri, Delhi, where the nation’s valiant Indian Air Force officers will have the privilege of watching ‘Fighter’ before its public release. The film, dedicated to honouring the valour and sacrifice of our Air Warriors, connects deeply with the IAF community.
‘Fighter’ is expected to be a complete entertainer that blends heart-thumping action with a patriotic narrative. The film promises an unparalleled cinematic experience, capturing the essence of courage and sacrifice exhibited by our brave Air Warriors. The exclusive screening for IAF officers underscores the film’s authenticity and dedication to showcasing the true spirit of the Indian Air Force.
As movie buffs eagerly await the theatrical release of ‘Fighter’ on January 25, 2024, the special screening for IAF officers serves as a fitting tribute to their unwavering commitment and pride in safeguarding our skies.

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