The Maggot Maiden

A severed finger poem (Dharrsheena’s ‘True Crime, Horror story & Dark Poetry’ group on Facebook.


The day began wonderfully. Warmth and peace cascaded from on high

Leisurely, I skipped along the sunlit beach, gathering multi-colored shells

Hoping to find buried treasure, or a pirate’s hidden bounty chest

Something shiny caught my eye, I paused, bent to have a closer peek

I picked it up. Guess what?

I dropped it, reeling back in terror

For as I watched, the wretched thing pivoted

Pointing at me, as if accusing me of something ghastly

It was then that I noticed the maggots

Intrigued, I stepped closer, still a bit closer

Consternation turned to fascination

Each maggot attached itself to the other

Like knots on a rope, in perfect harmony

They interlaced, interweaved and interfaced

As if forming a braided, twisted and sinewy limb

Rooted to the spot I stood, I could not move

One by one the maggots wove, faster, faster

Feet, legs, thighs, hips, private parts, stomach

It started to smell, I gagged

Arms appeared, breasts, neck, head and maggoty eyes

I found motion in my feet, turned to run

The arms reached out and grabbed me

The maggots crawled into me, unto me

I felt the cold spidery disgusting feet invade my all

I tried to move, to shake them off, to no avail

I was consumed, eaten up in a soup of stink and maggots

The sun I no longer felt upon my slithering soul

I was now a maiden of puerile maggots and ooze

My transformation is now complete, I seem whole again

My red lips parted as I walked to the water’s edge

My reflection was lovely indeed

I was a beauty on the outside

But felt hideous on the inside. I crawled and chittered

Like the maggots invading me from within

A finger fell away with a golden ring attached

Another instantly grew back

Golden ringed fingers were falling everywhere

Soon the world would be filled with those like me

Lovely on the outside

But rotting and squirming on the inside

Beware the beringed severed finger!

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